22nd European
Conference on
29 aug - 02 sep

Accepted Papers

Papers accepted for Oral Presentations

  • On the complexity of Possible, Necessary, Exact, Fair and Efficient Ante Allocations in Online Fair Division. Martin Aleksandrov and Toby Walsh
  • Solving MDPs with Unknown Rewards Regardless of User Preferences. Pegah Alizadeh, Yann Chevaleyre and François Lévy
  • Human Robot Collaboration to Reach a Common Goal in an Assembly Process. Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi, Matthias Plasch, Andreas Pichler and Bernhard Rinner
  • Curiosity-Aware Bargaining. Cédric L R Buron, Sylvain Ductor and Zahia Guessoum
  • The Effect of Mobility and Emotion on Interactions in Multi-Agent Systems. Joe Collenette, Katie Atkinson, Daan Bloembergen and Karl Tuyls
  • OHDOCLUS – Online and Hierarchical Document Clustering. Rui Encarnação and Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira
  • Modeling Single-Peakedness for Votes with Ties. Zack Fitzsimmons and Edith Hemaspaandra
  • Tackling the Winograd Schema Challenge Through Machine Logical Inferences. Nicos Isaak and Loizos Michael
  • Decoupling Temporal Resource Constraints in Multi-agent Sequential Decision Making. Frits de Nijs, Matthijs T. J. Spaan and Mathijs De Weerdt
  • Formal and Data-association aware Belief Space Planning. Shashank Pathak, Sadegh Soudjani, Vadim Indelman and Alessandro Abate
  • Cost of Stability and Least Core in Path-Disruption Games. Victor Persien, Anja Rey and Jörg Rothe
  • A Hybrid Approach to Commonsense Knowledge Acquisition. Christos Rodosthenous and Loizos Michael
  • Online proactive planning with multiple hypotheses. Jorrit T’Hooft, Charles Lesire and Caroline P. Carvalho Chanel


Papers accepted for Poster Presentation (L and S distinguish the type of submission)

  • Anomaly Detection with a Spatio-Temporal Tracking of the Laser Spot. David Atienza, Concha Bielza, Javier Diaz and Pedro Larrañaga (S)
  • A repair operator for decomposable problems’ global solutions. Vitor Barbosa, Ana Respicio and Filipe Alvelos (L)
  • Sentiment Classification of Social Media Content with Features Generated Using Topic Models. Stuart Blair, Yaxin Bi and Maurice Mulvenna (L)
  • Detecting Similarities in Mobility Patterns. Pietro Cottone, Marco Ortolani and Gabriele Pergola (L)
  • Connecting ABT with a SAT Solver. Jesus Giráldez-Cru, Guillermo Martín-Sánchez and Pedro Meseguer (S)
  • Fast Subset Path Planning/ Replanning to Avoid Obstacles with Time-Varying Probabilistic Motion Patterns. Jane Jean Kiam, Matthias Gerdts and Axel Schulte (L)
  • Social Media User Recommendation. Sruteesh Kumar (S)
  • Use of Discourse and Syntactic Features for Gender Identification. Juan Soler-Company (S)
  • Sentiment analysis and opinion extraction for e-commerce websites: Application on the Arabic language. Mohamed Ali Sghaier and Mounir Zrigui (L)
  • Nonparametric Segment Detection. Anne van Rossum, Hai Xiang Lin, Johan Dubbeldam and H.Jaap Van den Herik (S)
  • Design Space Descriptions for Logical Generation of Content. Thomas Smith, Julian Padget and Andrew Vidler (L)